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Bone Graft

Diagram of dental implant in to jaw bone at Pacific Maxillofacial Center in Honolulu.People may experience tooth loss and gum problems known as periodontal disease during their lives, particularly as they age.

These conditions often cause decay in bone tissue and teeth and may result in bone and tooth loss. These things will naturally affect the well-being of your teeth and affect the quality of your life.

To remedy this severe problem, we here at Pacific Maxillofacial Center perform bone grafting, which is a procedure that could fill in and replace the lost bone volume in your jaw, making your teeth healthier and safer.

This operation is essential to improve your facial appearance and have an appealing image that can improve your self-esteem.

When is Bone Grafting Used?

One of the main uses of bone grafting is when a dental implant is required. That is a surgical procedure that replaces a missing tooth with an imitation tooth that looks just like a natural tooth.

However, this procedure requires a strong jawbone that could support the implanted tooth. If our oral surgeon thinks that your jawbone is too soft or thin, he will recommend undergoing a bone graft procedure.

Patients who have undergone tooth extraction or dental injuries and infections typically have about 40% to 60% bone loss.

Bone grafting could repair and replace this significant amount of bone loss.

This procedure will naturally relieve you from the irritating conditions that may affect the quality of your life. Bone grafting could prevent periodontal disease and other infections, plus make your jawbone strong.

What Happens During a Bone Grafting Procedure

In bone grafting, our surgeon will get a part of the bone from some parts of your body, or use donor or synthetic bone.

The degree of grafting depends on the quantity of bone that has been lost. Then, our surgeon will graft it on your jawbone using biological materials to encourage maximum success of the bone./div>

The graft will then fuse with your old bone and turn into a new and robust bone that would make the dental implant stable and secure in several months.

The grafting and the dental implant need separate operations when a larger graft is necessary. On the other hand, if it is only a minor graft, both could be done at the same time.

During the surgery, we will provide a local anesthetic to our patients first before the grafting and extraction are performed. There will be a small incision for the new bone.

Once the operation is done, we will provide instructions for post-operative care. We will also prescribe medications as necessary to prevent any infection and manage the distress or any swelling that might occur.

Our team of surgeons at Pacific Maxillofacial Center could provide this comprehensive procedure if you need it. For further details about the bone grafting procedure, you may contact us at your most convenient time.

We are pleased to lend a helping hand anytime that you need us and will discuss the process that will fit and be right for you when you call us at 808-585-8455 .
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Bone Grafting in Honolulu & Oahu
At Pacific Maxillofacial Center, we perform bone grafting to replace lost bone volume in your jaw in preparation for implants. Give us a call at (808) 585-8455!
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