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Dangers of Clenching Your Teeth While You Sleep

Posted on 6/7/2021 by Pacific Maxillofacial Center
Dangers of Clenching Your Teeth While You SleepIf you tend to clench your teeth at night, you might be suffering from Bruxism. Some common symptoms of this condition include sensitive teeth, headache, and a sore jaw. Teeth clenching is a common habit that affects at least one in ten people in their sleep. If you clench your teeth when sleeping, you could cause significant damage to your teeth. In most cases, people clench their teeth unconsciously, so you may want to see us if you are experiencing one of these side effects. Here are the dangers of clenching your teeth while asleep.

Worn Down Teeth

When you clench or grind, your teeth are forced to withstand a lot of force. After an extended period of clenching, your teeth will begin to reveal signs of damage. They wear down, loosen, or fracture. You might also start showing signs of tooth decay. This is because grinding damages your tooth enamel.

Jaw Soreness

Clenching your teeth when sleeping can also lead to jaw soreness. You will also experience stiffness and toothaches. This soreness is a result of constant pressure that is placed on the surrounding muscles and your jaw.


Clenching your teeth will result in constant migraines, headaches that come and go. Dull pains and subsequent toothaches are also some of the side effects. If you are experiencing severe toothaches, book an appointment with us for immediate treatment. Headaches could also mean you have an underlying condition that needs urgent care.


These are one of the common side effects of teeth clenching. The damaged areas sit close to the ear canals, causing pain that keeps radiating in the area. Apart from that, you will also have difficulties sleeping. Your sleep will be constantly interrupted by clenching and grinding of teeth. Visit our offices for more information on the dangers of clenching your teeth and the possible remedies.
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