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What is the Weird Rough Patch Inside my Cheek?

Posted on 10/19/2020 by Pacific Maxillofacial Center

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Oral surgeon and patient reviewing dental concerns during examWhether we like it or not bacteria are always trying to do their best to attack and invade our bodies. The human mouth is no different. Bacteria coat every surface which is why it is important to properly brush and floss our teeth at least twice every day.

Patients sometimes neglect to brush their tongue, roof of their mouths and yes, even the inside of their cheeks. Bacteria likes to cling to those surfaces too. Each brushing session should last between two to three minutes to ensure the bacteria have been removed.

Part of your oral health care should include an inspection of all areas of your mouth. Even if you are a diligent brusher and flosser, sometimes things can still happen. Normally, the inside of your cheeks is smooth, but sometimes you may notice a rough patch. What caused it? Should I be concerned?

Oral Cancer or Not?

Whenever we discover something odd in or on our bodies, we immediately think of cancer. It is natural. When finding an odd rough patch inside our mouth, it can be concerning. It may have been caused by a chipped or broken tooth, which no longer has a smooth surface rubbing against the inside of the cheek and irritating the skin.

When the skin is irritated, the body begins prompting rapid cell growth to guard the tissue against the irritant. This can cause a thickening of the skin in the area which feels like a lump to the touch. It may be discolored too. These rough patches are known as Leukoplakia and are typically harmless. It is possible if left untreated long enough, it could develop into oral cancer.

Oral Pathology Screening

We always recommend coming in for an exam if you are concerned about a patch in your mouth. We offer oral pathology screens where we can check your mouth for any signs and symptoms or oral cancer, and take a biopsy if needed.

If you have a discolored patch or sore on the inside of your cheek, or feel it's getting rough, you can call us at 808-585-8455 for additional information or to schedule an appointment. For more information about other services we offer click below:
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